Introverted Leadership

by Marcel Wijermars

I help Introverted Leaders to become more better at Networking.

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How different would your life be when you know that wherever you go, whichever business you want to start, you have the skills to make the right connections?

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25 conversation starters

These questions have proven to lead to boring, repetitive conversations:

  • How are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Where are you from?

There is a better way to start conversations.

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About Marcel

Marcel is an Introverted Leadership Mentor, international keynote speaker, founder of Trending Jobs, entrepreneur with 14+ years of experience, and has hosted networking events in Argentina, Mexico and The Netherlands.

An introvert himself, he developed an effective framework for making new connections.
This helped him create his 7-figure online business in the United States while protecting...

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The Introvert Way to Create a Life of Abundance

A signature keynote on networking for Introverted Leaders.

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